Communicative and Integrative
– the Squeeze Interfaces

Thanks to the Squeeze SDK, our viewer technology already integrates many leading ERP and ECM systems – to offer our customers maximum ease of work in their familiar environment.


Connect your business applications in minutes

In the development of Squeeze Extract, it is very important to us to be able to guarantee a very high level of integration capability in third-party systems. This applies both to the synchronization of master data and to possible writing transactions.

Through out the consistent use of modern standard interfaces, we ensure, together with our integration partners, long-term security and high speed cooperation with leading applications.

  • Benefit from the high acceptance of your users
  • Get 100% transparency of all incoming documents – directly at the business transaction in the ECM, ERP or financial accounting system
  • Use turnkey and resilient Squeeze cloud services from data centers in Germany
  • Allow Squeeze to capture your documents so you can concentrate on the essentials

Squeeze for Microsoft 365 Dynamics

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Full integration: Squeeze for Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC

Experience the Squeeze Extract technology directly in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC environment. As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner, we support both the classic RTC client and the web-based workstation in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC Cloud with the goal of being able to quickly and automatically capture and archive all accounting-related documents in Dynamics.

  • Full Squeeze Extract integration including invoice inbox, viewer and administration
  • AI and rule-based content recognition incl. item data for invoices, delivery bills and order confirmations
  • Squeeze processes any format, from scan documents to email attachments to xInvoices
  • 3-way Match – smart matching of invoice data to order and goods receipt data
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Plug and Post: Squeeze for Workday

Squeeze for Workday connects directly to Workday’s Enterprise Management Cloud web services via our proven plug-and-post interface, synchronizes relevant master data as well as transaction data, and generates posting suggestions or automatic postings. Using Freeze for Workday, the document can be directly archived in a legally compliant manner and linked to the record in Workday.

  • AI- and rule-based content recognition incl. item data for all types of incoming invoices, input channel independent
  • Synchronization of master data structures from Workday incl. custom data for individual Workday tags
  • 2-way match incl. auto-assignment with vendor linking
  • Pre-posting and dark posting: At document level you can decide whether an invoice is posted directly or created as a pre-recorded document

Squeeze for Workday
Cloud ERP

Squeeze for

Plug and Post: Squeeze for iTWO

Squeeze for iTWO is a turnkey document recognition solution for the ERP platform iTWO of the RIB Group. In addition to incoming invoices, delivery bills and contract documents can be extracted and transferred to the iTWO processes in a structured manner. Analogous to iTWO, the software can be operated locally or used as a cloud application.

  • AI- and rule-based content recognition of construction-specific invoice types such as down-payment, progress and final invoices
  • Synchronization of iTWO’s master data structures incl. order and project data
  • Vendor training enables 100% automatic capture – thanks to maxOCR even with poorly readable document
  • Pre-posting and dark posting – at document level you can decide whether an invoice is posted directly or created as a pre-recorded document

Plug & Post: Squeeze for Coupa BSM

More and more medium-sized companies rely on Coupa’s Business Spend Management solution. With Squeeze for Coupa, we offer a smart capture solution for incoming invoices with direct web service communication and even dark posting in Coupa. The solution is ready to use within a few hours. The Freeze Archive for Coupa, which is also available, archives the document in an audit-proof manner according to European requirements and permanently links it to the business object in Coupa.

  • AI and rule-based content recognition incl. item data for all types of incoming invoices, input channel independent
  • OAuth2-based extensive synchronization and booking interface for all Coupa business logics
  • 2-way match incl. auto account assignment with vendor linking
  • Pre-posting and dark posting – at document level you can decide whether an invoice is posted directly or created as a pre-recorded document

Squeeze for
Coupa BSM

Squeeze for


With Squeeze Extract, each document class can have its own or a common target. With the SharePoint Connector, we enable the direct delivery of the extracted data and the documents to a SharePoint library or to a SharePoint list.

Using secure communication methods, Squeeze Extract collects the emails from the desired mailboxes, classifies and extracts attachments, validates them against the SharePoint data in a fully automated manner, and transports the documents to your endpoint in SharePoint.

  • AI and rule-based content recognition of incoming invoices, including item data
  • OneClient strategy – squeeze viewer integration in the alphaflow d.velop cloud solutions
  • Best recognition results thanks to DEXPRO maxOCR
  • Pure German cloud services with encrypted data storage and communication to the SharePoint system

Integration: EASY DMS / EASY Archive

Companies that rely on workflow products of EASY Software AG can now experience the DEXPRO OneTouch philosophy in EASY using Squeeze for EASY DMS. Immediately after receiving documents from scanners and e-mail inboxes, the documents are available for reading in EASY DMS or EASY Invoice processes.

  • Extensive full integration in EASY DMS, including the entire squeeze administration and data management
  • Document classification and extraction, configurable for each document type
  • Squeeze Viewer fully interacts with EASY DMS, incl. training function for table recognition
  • Supports EASY SOAP, EASY XML Server and EASY Content Web Services

Squeeze for

Individual solutions and integrations for your application

Squeeze & Freeze for integrations

You are looking for an interface or integration into your system? Are you interested in achieving added value by integrating squeeze technology into your application?

Then we are looking forward to hear from you! We are constantly working on further integrations and partnerships to let digitized documents „speak“ to your preferred application.

The Squeeze Viewer SDK as well as the Squeeze REST web service provide all essential elements for bi-directional connection or full integration. In a first evaluation meeting we determine together which potentials we can generate together with the development of an interface.

The Squeeze platform offers the following technologies for system integration / interface development:

  • Squeeze REST API – all functions of the Squeeze server can be accessed via REST API (swagger-client)
  • Squeeze Viewer Client SDK – our lightweight html web viewer can be integrated into any application in a way that allows technical communication with the viewer image.

We are technology partners of:

Microsoft – Coupa – RIB Software – Workday – Kendox – alphaflow – otris software – Easy Software – softfolio – Dynamics Consulting – beyond 365


„Let’s discuss your use case –
discover your potential with us.“

Your contact person, Fabian Terstegen

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No matter how many users in your company work with Squeeze Extract or how many document pages are processed: The calculation is based solely on the amount of successfully processed documents. The reporting functions give you full transparency of the documents processed each month. It can be cancelled on a monthly basis – but long-term contract commitments with attractive price advantages are also possible.

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